It’s not just about the applause!

If we were to write down a list of our Aims here at MAC, the top one would be to put on a darn good show! The list would be a long one – including having fun and striving for artistic excellence. But alongside our ‘theatrical aims’ there is an even more important one – to raise money for a charity through each of our shows. This year we are supporting UK Sepsis Trust. Please read some more about this here.

We are also performing this show in memory of a very lovely, very special and very talented lady. Becca is so missed by all of us and we are very proud to be performing this show in memory of her. Nia has written a tribute to her which you can find here – please do have a read.




Great excitement!

Things have been ticking along nicely. We are slowly, but surely, getting our heads round the madness of Into the Woods. And then, just last week, something ridiculously exciting happened. It wasn’t the fact that we managed a stagger-run of Act 1 (it was definitely more of a ‘stagger’ than a run, but we got through it!); or the fact that our wonderful creative team arrived with bags full of costumes for us to try on; or the fact that we almost had the whole cast in the same room, at the same time. No, these things paled into insignificance against THE exciting thing that happened. These arrived in the post:

FullSizeRender (1)

which means, tickets are officially on sale for the show!!

So, if you fancy coming along, you can get your ticket now!! And how, I hear you cry, does one do that?! Well, if you are lucky enough to know one of our lovely cast, you can get a ticket through them. Or you can follow this link:

And buy your tickets online. Imagine how excited we’ll be when we actually sell some?!


IMG_0618So, we are three rehearsals in. We’ve had a read / sing through; one mammoth, 4 hour singing rehearsal and last night we actually started putting it ‘on its feet’. Up until tonight, the resounding question we kept getting asked was ‘why’?! If you have ever had to sing anything written by the genius that is Sondheim you will know that it is hard. Scrap that – it is the most astoundingly difficult, ridiculously mind-boggling and totally baffling music written. By anyone. Ever. It’s not just the fact the notes are hard. Or that the words are tricky. Or that the notes you sing don’t bare any resemblance to the notes that are played. Or that you change time signature and key every other bar. Or that you sing the same thing twice but each time slightly differently. Or that everything is fast. It is the combination of all these things that leave your head spinning and a look on your face that says ‘Huh?!’ So, why? When we could have chosen any show, why put ourselves through the pain of getting to grips with such a beast?! 

Our first show was chosen because two thirds of the MAC team had always wanted to be in it. Simple. It was a show few people had heard of and it was our first venture, so it was a massive gamble – luckily, we had the support and talent of a crazy bunch of people who agreed to get behind us and it was a huge success. Then the pressure was on. How do you follow that? Well, with another relatively unknown show that was unique – a guy sitting in his living room playing his favourite record, which comes to life around him. It was a brilliant show – so funny and so right for us – a brilliant ensemble piece that was something different. Next? Well, the sensible side of us all said let’s do something simple. Something that, again, people don’t know very well as that’s kinda our thing. Something where the music is easy and the rehearsal process straight forward. We found something which originally had a cast of 4, which meant it was all about solos and duets – no big ensemble scenes or dance numbers. But that felt like we would loose the essence of why we do this – our shows are about doing something different, but also we create a good atmosphere amongst our small cast – where would the fun be if we never saw each other coz only two of us had to be in the same room at once? So, one night Into the Woods came up in discussion. We’d talked about it before as a dream show – but dismissed it because it felt too big. Too scary. And then we went to see it. And, although the doubts were still there, we realised what a truly remarkable piece of theatre it is. So, we decided to take our sensible heads off and do something that would challenge us and stretch us, and something that excited us – and hopefully, the cast, creative team and our audience. 

And last night as we started the process of blocking the show, I really got it. Yes, it’s going to be hard. Yes, our heads will ache and if we get all the words out in the right order it will be something of a miracle. But we have an amazing cast – they are all so bloomin’ talented and lovely, and each one brings something unique to the show. We are in massively safe hands with our Director and MDs – the patience our two MDs have as we try and get to grips with the music is never ending. And their reassurance that we are at least getting some of the notes right is a little ray of hope to hold onto! And tonight we got to see a little of our Directors vision come alive. And it’s exciting. That combination is a winning one. And so when someone next asks me why, I shall say, simply, because it is going to be awesome. 

First rehearsal

Today is the day! In 4 1/2 hours we are heading ‘Into the Woods’! The tea has been bought, the music has been hired, the creative team are raring to go and the cast? Well, we have ourselves the most phenomenal cast who, I am sure, are busy this morning getting their ‘Sondheim-on’ in preparation to learn the first notes of this masterpiece. Excited? Yep! Scared? Naturally! But there is no stopping us now….